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The Mosley Store

The Mosley Hariston Store was sitting at the site of the Lowery Store today and many new homes were being built on the main street of Burnt Corn. James and Cora Betts Kyser build their Victorian home next to the Methodist Church, which they also built. The Masonic Lodge # 849 had been organized December 3, 1890, and eventually met upstairs in the store known today as Lowery Store. The parishioners of the Methodist Faith also met there until the Methodist Church was finished in 1908.

The Mosley Store

The Old Mosley Store stayed in the family and was last owned by Eddie and Pattie Moseley. After Eddie Mosley passed away in the late 1950's his wife Pattie continued operating for several years until she decided to retire and move away. The Old Mosley Store was purchased by Comer Booker in the early 1960's and he tore down the original Old Moseley Store and he built a more modern store on the same site and called it Booker Grocery. In the early 1980's, Comer Booker sold this property to Joe Watson and Joe changed the name to Watson Burnt Corn Grocery. The store is still in existence today and is owned by the Watson Estate and operated by Joseph Watson, Jr.