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Welcome to Burnt Corn, Alabama as it's a truly histroic community. Burnt Corn pre-dates the State of Alabama and the counties of Monroe and Conecuh in which it resides. If fact, Burnt Corn main street and main road is the dividing line between Monroe and Conecuh counties which happens to be the histroic Old Federal Road and is often referred to as the "Old Stage Road." Burnt Corn is also located at the junction of histroic Three Chopped Way and Old Wolf Path . You see, in the early development of this country the "Old Federal Road" was the American Government's only route from Georgia to New Orleans and the only link between Washington, D.C. and New Orleans. Three Chopped Way was a trail and horse path that led to the American Western Frontier and Old Wolf Path was the path that took Indians and White Traders to America's oldest settlement, Pensacola, Florida . This may not sound important or impressive to you now but once you learn the Hisory of Burnt Corn then you will see how important these landmarks are to America's and Alabama's history. Burnt Corn was in existence when the United States aquired the Mississippi Terriroty . The inhabitants of Burnt Corn during that period were Creeks Indians, White Traders, and African Slaves and they all live together in hormony. Burnt Corn is also important in that the Battle of Burnt Corn initated the Creek Wars of 1813 . You will learn that Burnt Corn is very rich in American History and you should know about it. Most folks just want to know How Burnt Corn got it's name and I hope we will answer that question for you on the web site.

Hope you find this web site as interesting as the name "Burnt Corn" itself and I am proud to promote this truly historic community and I hope to expose you to Burnt Corn in order that you too can be proud to promote Burnt Corn, Alabama. As unique as the name itself, believe this or not there another Burnt Corn in America called "Burnt Corn Valley" located near Pesa, Arizona and it is an Navajo Indian community. Tell your family, friends, neighbors and the world to check out this web site. EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY FROM BURNT CORN OR FROM ALABAMA. Most southern roots can be traced back to Alabama and often directly to Burnt Corn. Come back and visit us regularly as we will be making changes often. If you have information to add to this site please email me at vwatson@wbqp.com or webmaster@burntcorn.com