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(The Original Bethany Baptist Church)

Organized in 1821

The Burnt Corn Baptist Church is the original Histroic Bethany Baptist Church (referred to as Burnt Corn Baptist here to disugtish between the current African American Bethany Baptist Church). The Historic Bethany Baptist Church was organized in 1821. Minutes from 1821 to 1827 still exist. Burnt Corn Baptist (The Historic Bethany Baptist Church) is at it's third location where it sits today. The first location was built circa 1821. The next location is where the Old Church was built circa 1840. It since has replaced by the New African American Bethany Church as it sits today. This a picture of a photograph of the "Old" Bapthany Baptist Church shown it looked like then. The church congregation divided after the War Between The States and moved up the road and built another Bethany Baptist Church (as shown above)in it's current location. The "old" church was sold the black congregation and they retained the same name as Bethany but pronounced it differently, calling it "Beth-anne". The white congregation also exhumed many of the dead and reburied them at the new location.

The Monroe County Heritage Museum has a photos of the congregation taken in 1913 and in the 1960's of the Histroic Bethany Church. Among the names were: Ethel Thornton, Mr. Tolbert, Labe Johnson, Thelma Johnson, Clifton Macks, Wayne Johnson. Barbara Johnson, Buddy Richards, Kathleen Betts, Elsie Roberson, Della Ricards, Velma Macks, Naomi Dees, Alma Green, Sarah Melton. Georgia Green, Ann Lowery, Sam Lowery, Alvin Salter, Margaret Salter, Lisa Godwin, Maria Godwin. Lanier Martin, Dedorah Martin, Cathy Salter, Elizabeth Hickman, and Preacher Hickman.