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Elvira (Armstrong) Green

Elvira was born in Burnt Corn, Alabama to Jack Armstrong and __________. Elvira had four siblings: Jack, who married Loree; Betty (McCorvey), who was married twice. Liza (Boykin); and Arma who married Henry Daily. Elvira Green was Joseph (Joe) Lee Watson mother. Elvira married Alfred Mobley Watson and they had two children: Joseph Lee and Sylvester before Mobley met an early death at age 44 of a heart attack. Elvira was left along to raise two boys ages 14 and 12 respectively at the time. Times were hard because it was during of the Depression years or as Joe would refer to that period as "Hoover Days." Joe never forgot those hard years as he constancely reminded his children to save their money because those hard time was coming back. Elvira then married Choice Wright of Beatrice, Alabama. After Choice Wright death, Elvira met Will Green and they were married and lived in the New Hope area of Burnt Corn. After Will Green died Elvira remained single. Elivra died of cancer in 1965.