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Historic Prominent Burnt Corn Families

These families were the most prominent ones in social and religious standing during the early years of Burnt Corn; they mentioned because were of the "wealthy class" They were all large plantation owners with slaves and brought their supplies from Mobile and Pensacola. The owned expensive carriages drawn by two horses or mules all with a Negro slave perched on top of the carriages. The price of the carriages ranged from $800 to $1000 in those days. They normally attended church at either the Puryearville Methodist Church or the Bethany Baptist Church. Women would bring their slave servant girls to care for the babies while service was going on. This practice is believed to explain why slaves and slave owners worshipped together at the same church prior to the Civil War. After the Civil War and when the Slaves were freed they went to separate churches

Mrs. Nancy Fowler
Dr. William Cunningham
Col. Richard Moseley
Ned Nash
James E. Lett
Jacob Betts
A. G. Dukes
Dr. John Watkins
Major (Billie) Crook
Rev. George Lee
Ithiel Lee
Francis P. Clingman
D.M. O'Brien
John Green Sr.
The Daughette
"Tanner" Green

Other early settlers and families that came and develop Burnt Corn:

Alabama Crook
Andrew J. Ellis
A. O. Brantley
Broughton Family
Captain Hayes
Col. Warren
Edward Lett
Mary Ellis Salter
Enoch Salter
Enoch Salter, Jr.
Garrett Longmire
Thomas Grace
Isaac Betts
Jacob Betts
Jacob Lowery
James Powell
James Grace
James Stuart
Jeremiah Austill
JFB Lowery
Jim Cornell
James H. Tucker
John Duke
John Green. Sr.
John Green, Jr.
Lorenza Dow
Major Billie Crook
Mary Clingman
Bettie Clingman
Nancy Clingman
Nathan Coker
Richard D. Warren
Robert Joel Mosley
Col. Richard Moseley
James Salters
Salter Family
Milton Green Booker
Mary Josephine Desplouse
Samuel Anthony Lowery
Thomas Grace
Thomas Aaron Rumbley
William Bertham
William Bulter Crook
Richard Puryear
George Watson
Richard Pondexter (Slave)
Rankins Plantation
Duncan Rankins
Thomas Watson
John Miller
Joel Lee
Jesse Carter
William Black
Joel B. Walden
Thomas Pritchett
Richard Moseley
Hickman Fowler
Richard C. Puryear
Richard (Dick) Puryear
Alexander B. Puryear
R.H. Puryear